As we are moving forward to the new year, we are looking for fresh new faces to represent our society and its values. Every new year brings in a new energy, fresh ideas and progress to achieve and maintain the mission and values the society stands for.

The SWS Committee structure comprises of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and 4 departments led by a Director each, with a sub-committee. Our 4 departments are Editorial, Publications, Communications, and Operations. Do make sure to read about the roles of all positions open before applying.

If you have what it takes to spearhead, lead, engage and host more people in our community, click on the link below.

Application Form Link

Roles of the various positions:

Chief Information Officer

  • Ensures that the society adheres to the PDPA guidelines outlined by SIM
  • Ensures that all personal data is collected, used and retained in a secure manner
  • Ensures that all personal data is properly disposed/deleted after it has served its intended purpose
  • Ensures that personal data is used only for its intended purpose & take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access


1. EDITING & Publications DEPARTMENT

  • Regularly editing posts submitted by members
  • Encouraging post submissions from members of the society
  • Plagiarism checking for all post submissions
  • Posting of submissions on social media and our website [work with Communications department]


  • Represent SWS at various events and activities at SIM
  • Planning marketing content and materials
  • Designs posters and files for various type of media
  • Handling communication between the public and the club
  • Help promote and manage the society on our social media platforms [work with Publications department]

3. Operations Department

  • Planning and organising of events
  • Liaising with third-party organisers and caterers for events
  • Recruiting, planning and conducting interviews
  • Basic HR duties – attendance taking for events, recruitment details, etc.