All these voices

They mock you, discourage you

But do you listen to them?

All these voices

They guide you, motivate you

Do you listen to them instead?

Millions of voices out there,

There may be only one supporting you

So do you give up?

Live following your heart’s voice, ignore the others.


The Hustle

Do you really want this?

You spend your days working


Do you really want this?

You spend your nights with vices


Do you really want this?

You meet the best and the worst ever


Do you really want this?

Friday nights lose their appeal in favour of home


Do you really want this?

You stop.

You look back.

You realise-

you really wanted this.


“You don’t look sad though?”

“Why are you even caring?”

“What have you done for this”

I can’t ignore the questions people ask me.

Little do they know my story,

Lost and focused jointly,

They say “so sorry” and leave?

Look at what they’ve done

They’ve transformed me,

Into a globe full of abhorrence

I’m sure no one would adore


Fury blinds you, binding entanglements

inside you like a sleeping cobra in its pit.

A silent monster deadly only to its

greatest arch nemesis, it’s own signature

brand of poison; me.



Every single one of us has a full responsibility

to create a beautiful world to live in.

Stop waiting and pretending that somebody else

somewhere will change the world soon.

It starts with you.


Thin Thin