Building passion can make you do things

you think you are incapable of doing.

Having courage can help you do things

you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Gaining experience teaches you

to do the things you should do.


It hasn’t been a second since I had forgotten you and yet you come back to my mind.

In a short nap, I dreamt about you a hundred times.

I cherish those days when you were with me. And now, in every moment, there is a desire to meet you. I can’t forget you, even today, because in my memories we are still smiling together.


You feel devastated when you know what you feel but can’t express it.

All these butterfly like feelings stuck inside the small room of my heart,

Feelings of love and hatred, confusions and lies which rip me apart.

And these unsaid words make others feel unwelcome,

So, they prove that I’m dumb.

Little do they know my inability and tranquility.

I wish someday to say it all out,

I want these butterflies to get their flowers and shout.


Shall We?

Dear You,


Let’s water the plants together

You and I

We’ll slowly watch the plants grow


As long as we are together

And don’t leave one another

Just one more thing,

Stay with me.



Shall we?’

Wenny Joe