Mortally Evergreen

Under the lush canopies, she strolled

Morning breeze and dew still lingering

Sunlight shone through the rifts

Of leaves, nature’s own kaleidoscope 


Her Mother had always warned her,

To stay hidden from the sun’s rays

To seek shade beneath the trees

It will darken your skin, it burns

It will blind your eyes, it melts


Yet, she found its radiance 

Comforting and life-giving

Nourishment in its warmth

A glowing, toasty embrace


Perhaps, she shan’t heed 

Mother’s dubious words

If perishing from this heat

Searingly meant her peril.


Farm Life

Feed your cows and chickens

Water your plants and flowers

Give your gifts to your loved ones,

And then call it a day.


Rise and repeat

Again and again

And if you’re free,

Perhaps fish for some bass?


When its cold and dark,

The mines await!

Dig for some gems

And shower in the riches of your loot.


When reality is rough
And all your efforts seem to be in vain,

These virtual lives will reignite your soul once again

So you can face a new day.


A Pen’s Date With Death

A pen stabs at the cracks

Desperately trying to save its owner

From plunging to their doom

Into the cliff’s walls it digs its tip

Ink dotting the surface before it.


The abysmal pit beneath them

The elements against them

Its owner’s energy slowly depleting

Strength ebbing away and fingers, 

Losing their grasp along with grit


With a grubby hand caked in grime

Moisture drips onto its plastic shell

From the sweat glands of the palm

Clinging on for dear life, slipping 

Both literally and metaphorically.


Only a matter of time now

Fingers start to weaken and slip

Just in a few moments, the pen awaits

Its perilous fate, falling into the depths


And so, they wait helplessly

As time seeps away 

With every crumble and crack of the cliff wall

Efforts made to climb their way out

Proving futile as it was too steep,

Energy wasted, hopes dashed.


Thus, the owner and pen bid their time farewell,

Dreading their date with death. 



Her life was filled with joy and happiness

Standing tall with her self-made personality

She worked hard throughout her life,

Her parents held their heads up high with pride and happiness

But all it took was a minute

Just 60 seconds to destroy everything she had worked for

Her success was envied by those who disregarded her hard work

Just 60 seconds and they burned her face

What they thought was the reason for her success

Her life was shattered, she didn’t know how she could live her life again

Surrounded by pity and judgment, she was paralyzed

It was then that she remembered, she was the pillar for her parents

She wiped the tears of her parents’ eyes and vowed,

Never again would she let anyone else dictate her life

It has been two years now,

Just 24 months and she has topped her entire country’s ranks

An officer of the law, she stands ready

Helping those who became victims yesterday, become leaders today.


Inscribed Impressions

With every kiss, they had a spark

She was red when with him.

With every touch, she had an ache

To be held in the dim.


He made her heart race

Brought colour to her cheeks;

She was charmed by his grace

His whispers made her weak.


Clasped in walls of secrecy 

Resided the forlorn love

Unrequited, the heart longed ceaselessly.

A paper, a pen; a woman, her love.


The pen flitted across the paper

In a long uneven line —

The pen knew the touch of the paper

The paper knew too – just too fine.


Amidst a beautiful composition,

The ink grew dark.

Devoid of emotion —

The pen alone left its mark.


The message was clear

Written in blue and black.

Despair seared her,

She could not go back.


“Why, why?” To herself, she cried

A lot of hurt, a little jaded;

Days, weeks, months passed,

She wished for her memory to be slowly faded.


Not a crinkle or crumble 

Or even a blotch that lies,

For everything happened in her heart;

She lived a soulless life.


Like a gust of wind in a cold winter night,

Desiring a period but ending with a comma,

She danced under the spell of moonlight

— A pair of twinkling eyes greeted her with drama.


Deceived by stolen moments, 

Wet by another pen,

The paper was now a book, 

The pages have become golden.