Unfamiliar faces, incessant squealing

Where have I come?

Humans unrecognised, places unknown

Relations I don’t care for

Broke free and ran away

Felt lost and looked lost

Where have you brought me,



You took it all away

Oh, what have I become?

Apathetic and numb to the world, I trust no one.

Looked twice and judged twice,

Felt nothing and sensed nothing,

When did you turn me into this,



Stood there watching it all,

Why didn’t you do something to stop the pain?

Disbelief and anger crept inside;

Hope lost, Emotions lost

Pain beseeched, Regret beseeched

Why did you do this to me,

Never spoke a word of it

Why didn’t you talk about it to someone?

Maybe, I was scared

Dread filled, Misery filled

Blood drained, soul drained

What have you done to me,

… … … ?


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