Did I Get Tired of Falling in Love?

I’ve written about Love a little too many times

But you must have asked,

“Don’t you get tired of writing and talking about it?

Why is love so overrated?

Why do writers dream of fairy tales

when all they describe it as painful?”


And my answer to you is, no.


Because love is the very fibre of humanity;

Love breathes, and love lives.

Love is happiness and sacrifice, all at once.

Love is a choice and a necessity, all at once.

Love is beautiful and messy, all at once.

Love is fire and ice, all at once.


No, Love is not overrated.


How can it be overrated when it is the one emotion that binds every important person to you?


Love is what keeps you, me and every one of us hoping:


Hoping for the ability to forgive

Hoping for a better tomorrow,

Hoping for a happier life,

Hoping for a perfect partner,

Hoping for a peaceful world.


No, I do not get tired of falling in Love.


Because I don’t think Love is what I am tired of;

Heartbreaks are what I am tired of.


Love doesn’t hurt you,

Lies, betrayals, and cheating does.


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