Two sides of a heart

An odourless smell swept away the railway.

Friction abolished, the engine roared alive.

While springs coiled up in a rage,

Bells came to life, minutes before death.

The fire scorched the crooked metals,

And, the unshaped, the unformed alighted.

Forgotten, the victims cried in agony –

Mortified by the terror of laughter.

Still, the culprit’s identity unknown.

They hid in hindsight,

Yet their shrieks rang out into the ears of the weak –

Those who begged and begged.

Fear, they chanted.

Fear, they craved.

Fear, they savoured.

They locked it inside an unkempt well, an abysmal depth.

The corpse of their heart pounded, alive.

“A heart for a heart is better than an eye for a heart,”

They said.