Red, like the colour of love

Red, like the first rays of the Sun;

Red, like the colour of blood;


You have a very special place in my life.

When I met you for the first time, it was very different from the others.

I told you that I wanted to say sorry to you even though I didn’t know who you were.

I had no compulsions but I wanted to do it anyway.

I never did things unplanned,

but with you, every moment is different.

I don’t need you, but I want to have you.

And for me, that is different.

I know I can exist without you, but I also know it’s 200 times better when it’s with you.

For the first time, I am leaning on to someone and I don’t feel like I am going to cling on to you.

That’s why I got scared the other day.
I realised that it was my past fears tearing me away.

I talk about my fears openly with you, and I know you can use them to hurt me.

But I’m still not afraid.

You could hurt me, and I would still stand there

You’re not a part of me, but you’re a part of my life.

That’s what you are, and that’s why I wouldn’t hurt you.

Because you made me find the love where freedom and independence existed, along with trust and belongingness.

So yes, I would die a million deaths, but I wouldn’t hurt you or let anyone hurt you.


Yours truly,



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