You look like somebody else-


Unseen parts of you-


You pull me in,

yet push me out.

Love seeker,

but can’t stay in love.

You have the brightest smile-


Yet full of tricks.

We can play hide and seek,

or do anything you want.

I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Vivianne. Morgan. Gwendolyn. Nimue. He names me such. Calls this part part of me. Be kind to him. Always. I’ve retied your ends to heal. Not to heal you. But to heal him. Thyme rewrites the myth. I filter you through. But do not embrace. This is not your home. I have played my part in the play. But it is not a part I take into me. You have no place here. Except as a role. A part in his play. Be kind. I filter you through in blessing.

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