Musings about rainy days

The icky feeling of mulch under your shoe,

The sickening squelch of mud sounding through your ears.

The smell, of heavy dampness lingering in the air-

The distant reminder of being thoroughly soaked.

The ordeal, of having to peel off your drenched clothing.

The raindrops falling like tiny bullets,

The lightning striking like a viper to kill.

The thunder rumbling, making you jump out of your bones.

The wind howling against your face,

The chill of the cold numbing your skin.

The sleep-inducing lull of the rain,

The creeping need to crawl back into bed.

The ideal kinda sweater weather.

The ground feeling like hazardous banana peels,

The memories of unfortunate falls passing through your head.

Precariously, watching every step taken on the wet ground,

With an umbrella raised above your head,

Praying your heart will feel less dread.


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