One night, she walked into the club, and everything seemed to have come to a standstill. The blaring music faded; it was her, just her. Those blue eyes captivated me, my soul.

Something strange about them told me not to go for her, but my heart wouldn’t stop.

I look at her and she turns to see me staring. She smiles seductively, biting her lips,

her full red lips. I was lost in her beauty. I wade through the bar to find her, but she wasn’t there anymore. I searched every corner of the place, but she was nowhere to be found.

I came to find her every day, waiting until I was asked to leave. Every night, I see her in my dreams. Every morning, I’m out to find her – on the streets, in cafes, at the boutique, but nowhere did I find her. I ask every soul walking past if they have ever seen a woman like her. Some call me mad while others insane. Yes, I am – I am mad about her. I search for her, the woman with those beautiful blue eyes. The thought of not seeing her again killed me inside.

Fifteen years passed by but I never forgot her beautiful eyes and luscious lips.

When one day, I saw her sitting in a cafe, all by herself. I walked towards the cafe, and our eyes lock right outside the window where she was. She came out of the cafe, held my hand and looked into my eyes. Oh! Those deep blue beautiful eyes that I’ve yearned to see. She took me to a car and drove me out of the city, never once leaving my hand. My eyes never left her face; I didn’t know where she was taking me. We drove on for days, weeks or maybe months and never did my eyes leave sight of her face.

We stopped after what felt like a lifetime, to see a pitch black sky and the full moon. She walked out and stood at the edge of what seemed like a cliff, and asked, “Aren’t my eyes beautiful?” and I nodded in approval. She turned around to face the moon, and there was an aura radiating from her as if she was a mystical creature. As I walk towards her, I feel the heat increasing, and now, I can’t stop myself. I’m attracted to her aura like a moth attracted to light.

Now, it’s all over. She was an Xtabay and I was her prey that night, but she redeemed herself fifteen years later, ironically, on the same day.


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