Midnight’s Curse

One night by the lakeside,

I see you,

An apparition.

I know in that lake forbidden,

Lies a story unknown to all.

You are the soul of my love,

Turned into hatred.

The deep hatred that bathed you,

In the poison of your own blood.

You, a saint, were nothing but a sinner.

You left me,

Bleeding to death.

But you may have forgotten,

One exposed to poison,

Becomes immune to it.

Bruised, battered, burnt,

I returned as a different person.

A façade put up.

Only for you.

You walked right into it all.

Placed your hand in mine,

From one trap to another,

You kept falling for it all.

Realization struck you hard.

It was too late to return.

You looked back.

Only to realise,

That it was all a ploy.

Here I am with a knife.

Land ablaze behind me.

I stab and push you into the fire.

I hear your screams.

But as I walk away,

I am at peace,

Knowing that you’re gone.

The land of deception,

once hollow,

Turns into a lake,

With the arrival of the first drops of rain.

The water is pure.

But only at night,

No one comes here.

‘Cause they hear,

The screams of a crying man.

And mysteriously,

The pure water turns poison.


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