In times of stress, some people break down and cry.

In times of uncertainty, some people lash out at others.

In times of turbulence, some people implode.

But for me, I explode.

My thoughts are dancing precariously on the edge of my brain, waiting to take hold.

I scream; I shout; I cry; I dance; I sing; I act; I draw; I paint; I write; I narrate.

I wear my feelings on my sleeve and my scars on my heart.

I have to act out, this emotional catharsis, to release all these negative feelings inside of me. My full blown eccentricities and histrionics become apparent as I took the leap of faith.

With every move, my anxiety subsides. With every step I took, those feelings fade. With every arch of my lithe body, the agony in my heart diminishes. With every twirl, the confusion swirling in my mind lessens.

These steps, measured and cautious, dancing to fifty shades of grey hesitantly, is a way of expressing my feelings when they are so indescribable.

The symphony and cacophony of chatter in my brain, is drowned out by the steady pulsating beat of my song.


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